About Me

I graduated with a BA in Music in 2001, where I developed an interest in recording music, drama, sonic art and location sound.  Following university, I spent 5 years writing, recording and editing music for a media company.  In addition to this, I have enjoyed work in theatres and live venues, teaching music technology at a college, and pursued my passion for music and the spoken word through local radio.

A lecture by sound recordist Chris Watson and a desire for adventure finally inspired me to pursue a career in sound recording and I joined the National Film and TV School in 2008.

I’ve relished my role as sound mixer and boom operator and the unique challenges each new situation has presented, working on a wide variety of productions in the UK and abroad. I enjoy any opportunity to work with established sound mixers and boom operators, and build my expertise with talented crews on exciting projects of all descriptions!


Mobile: 07876 303 447