Boom Operator / Sound Recordist


February 2018

2017 was mainly taken up by the Star Wars Film, “Han Solo”.  While working on this film, I recorded additional dialogue with actors for Star Wars Episode 8, and also for the Han Solo Film, using the Cantar X3.

Since then I have worked on the Queen Biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, with Jerome McCan, as 1st Assistant Sound on 2nd unit and assisting in January for the last week of the main unit principle photography.  This included recording effects on the Sound Devices 633.

I have also been working on a sound post production project, editing and cleaning up tape recordings from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  This is using protools, and Izotope RX 6, which is the industry standard for noise reduction and audio repair.

October 2016

Since finishing on Rogue One, I have been working on Star Wars Episode 8, and several other smaller stints, including a week as 1st AS on main unit of “The Mummy”, with Adrian Bell; dailies as 1st AS on second unit of Warner Brothers’ “Justice League”, with Mitch Low and Jerome McCann, and also filling in as 2nd AS on the main unit of “Justice League” with John Casali and 1st AS Chris Murphy. 

I also returned for the Rogue One reshoots, with Gareth John, which included some Splinter unit recording as Sound Mixer, with David Giles as 1st Assistant Sound. 

April 2016:

During 2015 I moved swiftly from Spectre to work on the first Star Wars spin-off film, Rogue One, with Production Sound Mixer, Stuart Wilson and Key 1st Assistant Sound, Orin Beaton. 

February 2015:

Its been a while since my last update. In the last year I have continued working with Stuart Wilson and Orin Beaton on several features as a second Boom Operator (1st Assistant Sound): Macbeth, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, and currently filming the 24th James Bond Film, called “Spectre”. 

May 2013:

I have just finished my first professional foray into the world of sound post production, assisting Danny Hambrook, Sound Effects editor on “Le Weekend”, a film directed by Roger Michell.  This was a great opportunity for me.  The main duties being the recording of specific sound effects, which I would then catalogue, edit and add to the Protools session timeline for Danny.  Working in the same room at De Lane Lea, Soho, I was able to witness the whole working process, and was involved in the crowd ADR session, assisting the Foley recording at Lip Sync, and sat in for the mix with Dubbing Mixer, Paul Cotterell, and mix reviews with the director and Editor. 

It was great to put the uptodate Protools 10 skills into use, recently acquired from a week long course at Alchemea, with the help of a Skillset Bursary.  It had been quite a while since I properly sat down to edit on audio software and hardware.

One other useful result of this job is that I was able to retrieve my lost Leatherman multi tool from one of the VFX guys for “All You Need Is Kill”.  Having lost it on the last day of filming, he had found it, contacted me and quite conveniently they were working in the same corridor at De Lane Lea!

So, “Le Weekend” came hot on the heels of “All You Need Is Kill”, which ran from October to March, and was another job with Stuart Wilson and Orin Beaton.  A really great job, great crew and the positive and inspiring force that is Tom Cruise!  I really like him! That and meeting the legend, Bill Paxton, was magic!

In February, Skyfall was nominated for a Sound Mixing Oscar, my second time as a team member for Stuart Wilson that he has been nominated. (The first being “War Horse” in 2011, filmed in 2010). 

The long anticipated “World War Z” is due out in June...!

June 2012:

“Skyfall” is now in post production. It’s been a great run - end of October to June.. I’m really looking forward to seeing this one!  We managed to leave Pinewood and London for a short while, filming in Turkey for the last leg of the film. A very nice way to end principle photography.

Following a short holiday in Marrakech, I am now taking some time to reacquaint my self with my Sound Devices 552 mixer and recorder, with a few short jobs, the usual suspects of short films, commercials, etc. Also, catching up with a little maintenance of my own: sorting and labelling, fixing (about time!), buying (trying to slow it down!), selling (at last!), and the dreaded accounts... Save me!

December 2011:

Since April I have had a busy year, working on a couple of feature films, but several other varied projects as well:

As Sound Recordist in May/June, I travelled with Cinematographer Beniamino Barrese to locations including Rio de Janeiro, Jamaica and back to London, for a documentary following the Swedish Pop musician, “MoneyBrother”.

Assisting with Stuart Wilson, Orin Beaton and Lloyd Dudley, a feature film called “World War Z,” directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt (July-October) Including some work as Splinter Unit Sound Recordist using the spare Aaton Cantar, and one day gathering effects using a Deva V; Currently Sound Maintenance on the latest James Bond Film, “Skyfall”, filming from November until (hopefully!) several months into the New Year.

In May with Danny Hambrook, I was Boom Op for a very enjoyable and entertaining short film, “Friend Request Pending,” starring Judi Dench, Tom Hiddlestone and Philip Jackson directed by new Director, Chris Foggin.  Shown at this year’s London Film Festival. 

A film that I was Sound Mixer for earlier this year, “The Red Bike”, by Andrew Steggall, won its first prize in October, “Best UK Short” at the IRIS Film Festival. Congratulations to all!

With Sound Mixer Gareth John, and Boom Op Adam Laschinger, a really enjoyable few weeks in June/July, assisting on second unit of Clash of the Titans 2, then again with Gareth John, as Boom Op, for an advert for “Barbie”. 

And back to the present, Last weekend I went to the cast and crew premiere of “War Horse”.  It was an emotion and enjoyable experience! I’m looking forward to a few weeks off this christmas, knowing that I will be heading back to filming for a few months afterwards.

Merry Christmas to you all!

April 2011:

I guess a quarterly update would be a good idea! I have worked on a couple of short films and a couple of bigger features, so far this year.  The features being a day on “The Iron Lady”, with Danny Hambrook and featuring Meryl Streep.  I wish I could have seen the whole progression of Margret Thatcher, she looked superb on the day I was there.  More recently, I have just finished working on the UK leg of “360”, by the director Fernando Meirelles, who directed “City of God” and “The Constant Gardener”.  This was with Stuart Wilson, and Boom Op, Orin Beaton.  A great experience, great people, and really feeling like I have progressed and improved in my role. Brilliant!

December 2010:

2010 has been a great year, with trips including Morocco and Moldova; working on “Lewis” with Production Sound Mixer Dick Manton;  “War Horse”, a film directed by Steven Spielberg, and a week of reshoots for the final “Harry Potter” film, both with Production Sound Mixer, Stuart Wilson.

I hope to have new photos up for these adventures very soon,

Merry Christmas everyone! 


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Photos (clockwise from main) :; Splinter Unit Recordist with Cantar, 2011; View over Kingston, MoneyBrother Documentary in Jamaica, June 2011; Boom Op in Moldova, June 2010; Tuff Gong Records, Jamaica, 2011.